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Exit Velocity is a Venture Studio based in the heart of Silicon Valley with more than 50 years combined experience as startup founders, angel investors and corporate executives.

We've successfully exited multiple international companies across telecommunications, media, and consumer products.

We're an experienced team providing C-Level Executives across product (hardware and software), strategy, marketing, sales, partnerships, talent acquisition, team building and company exits.

Whether you're a team of one, two or 200, we offer a personalized service to help scale your business. We invest over the long term because your success is our success.

Due to the high demand from companies looking to join the Exit Velocity Venture Studio, we've now launched the online EV Online Startup Program which is specifically designed to support any startup or scaleup prepare, land, and scale in the United States. 


With a wide range of on-demand video content, this is the perfect platform for busy entrepreneurs looking to scale fast!

Program discounts available to existing Exit Velocity high fliers.

mark janes.jpeg

Mark is a company builder, CEO/COO and highly successful entrepreneur. Throughout his career, Mark has had a unique ability to identify and disrupt markets having built and sold three previous companies to Nokia/Alcatel-Lucent, Hayward International and EMI/Chrysalis Music.

Born in Germany and raised in Southeast Asia, with a professional career that spans the U.S. and European markets, Mark brings a global perspective to everything he does. He is recognized for his work building and shaping a wide range of companies from startups to large scale organizations across media, telecommunications and consumer electronics.

In 2014, Mark co founded ConnectedYard (an industry leading smart water sensing company). As COO, Mark oversaw the product design, company operations, branding, marketing, sales/business development, strategic partnerships and the manufacturing of

tens of thousands of smart sensors through its factories in China.

Raising over $13m in funding and valued at 20 x the initial investment, Mark led the sale of the company to Hayward International in April 2018.

In 2019, Mark co-founded Exit Velocity to help even more startups to experience the success he's had.

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Stu pic 2017 cropped.jpeg

Stuart is a successful entrepreneur, corporate executive, investor and product technology specialist. Three times he's built and managed teams in excess of 200 staff. He's sold previous companies to Nokia/Alcatel-Lucent and Grey Advertising.

He has founded businesses in Australia, the UK and the US and also works with, and invests in, a number of startups and large businesses, helping develop their products, go-to-market strategies, build their development teams and raise capital. 

He's particularly interested in helping great Aussie and international founders transition their business to the US, helping them raise capital and launch their products.

His investment portfolio includes a video AI platform, a kid's sports network, an enterprise messaging app, an IoT platform and a sewer inspection and image analytics platform.


With 25 plus years working in digital media and consumer technology, he has developed a finely tuned sense of how best to build teams and deliver transformative products in businesses that are challenged by the disruption around them.

In 2019, Stuart co-founded Exit Velocity to help even more startups to experience the success he's had.

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nilofar nikju.png


Nilofar can speak the language of both sales and marketing. She went to school for marketing but later found her passion in negotiation and persuasion, which lead her to sales. Being a top performer at her previous employments, she decided to spread her knowledge and skills amongst other companies. She founded FiveRings Marketing and primarily focused on social media ads, but later brought on a partner, Shaheem Alam, to grow their services into focusing on helping companies build and execute sales strategies. 

When Nilofar gets time to herself, she enjoys spending that time with her nieces and nephews or going to the gym to beat her weight-lifting record, or simply going to the theatres and enjoying the popcorn.


Brielle is a startup executive passionate about building impact driven companies from the ground up. Specialized in pre-seed to series B startups, she helps organizations test and establish product market fit, build and mentor sales teams, implement scalable sales processes, and build predictable revenue. She helps startups across several industries develop their VC pitch deck, many which have proved instrumental in successfully raising their pre-seed, seed, and series A rounds.

After many years as a VP of Sales and Executive at two early stage startups, Brielle realized there was a significant need from founders, who had great products and ideas, but that the lacked the resources or know how to build the revenue side of their business. That led her to consulting where she has a helped coach founders at growth phase startups, putting in place lead generation engines, sales playbooks, sales processes, and the critical foundations to reach or optimize predictable revenue.

She also was Director of the Female Founders Alliance, helping mentor and connect female founders with investors and media contacts. In 2016 she was one of 425 Business Magazines 30 under 30.

shaheem alam.png


Shaheem established his skills in sales and management at an early stage of his life. He gathered his skills from door to door, cold calling, and email marketing to become one of the top performers at numerous companies, generating over $5 million in sales and managed teams of up to 30 sales reps.

He believes that to be able to book meetings with decision-makers, you must have a product that people want and continuously feed your pipeline with qualified leads. He joined FiveRings Marketing to share and execute his ideas and strategies amongst companies who he believes have tremendous potential for growth. 

When he is not busy with the above, Shaheem attends car shows, car meets and runs one of Toronto’s largest enthusiast communities on Instagram (@torontocarspotters).


Jess is a startup executive passionate about building companies from the ground up. She specializes in pre-seed to series B startups, helping organizations raise money, establish product-market fit, implement scalable sales processes, build and mentor teams, and build predictable revenue.


  • Executive Startup Coaching

  • VC pitch decks (pre-seed and series A)

  • Product Market Fit

  • Sales Process Development

  • Sales Enablement

  • Lead Generation

  • Sales Collateral 


Our results speak for themselves, so if you're a good fit for us, we’d love to invite you to join our Venture Studio to grow, scale and thrive.

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