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Lisa Vincent
Founder and CEO

No matter what stage you're at, we'll tailor a program suited to your needs.

Achieving a maximum return with your available cash and resources, while battling an ever-shortening runway, is critical to your success.


The EV Studio is founded on 4 essential building-block programs needed to develop a successful startup -

EV Build, EV Go, EV Growth, and EV Capital.

When you first join the studio we‘ll evaluate what stage you’re at and tailor a program just for your business. This will focus on areas that maximize your time with us while delivering the necessary results for you to be successful.

Time spent in the EV Studio starts from 6 months with a total investment of $250,000 of studio time in return for 5% equity. Studio time can be extended for an additional fee if needed. Ongoing post-studio support is complimentary to help ensure your growth to exit.

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