EV Bootcamps


Exit Velocity has developed 3 tried and tested Bootcamps to provide a fast-paced introduction to the EV Studio's essential building-block programs.

Bootcamps run over 2 to 3 weeks and are ideal for up to 15 startups at a time who need to quickly develop a fundamental understanding of how to overcome core challenges within their business.

Over 50 companies have already benefited from attending the Bootcamps with many going on to join the EV Studio to receive a more personalized program of long-term support.

The Australian Government's trade division, Austrade, is partnered with Exit Velocity to provide Bootcamps to its San Francisco Landing Pad startups. A number have gone on to join the EV Studio for ongoing support as they scale up in the US.  


Go To Market

Understand what foundations your business needs for success and how to build a Go To Market strategy. This boot camp provides a high level overview of the following areas:

  • Market overview and validation 

  • Timelines and key milestones 

  • TAM, SAM and SOM 

  • Competitor analysis 

  • Customer personas 

  • Channels to market 

  • High level marketing plan 

  • Pricing strategy

  • Market testing and launch 

  • Supply chain and logistics

  • Team structure

  • Customer success team and operations 

  • Protecting brand and IP

  • Overall company assessment


I thoroughly enjoyed the process and have a much clearer understanding of what we will need to do if we are going to make a successful business in the US. There was plenty of relevant and valuable content which we can/should apply in our existing day-to-day business.

Go To Market Bootcamp Attendee
AgTech Startup

Cattle at Sunrise

Sales & Marketing

If you're looking to build your sales engine and marketing support, and set your business on the road to success, this Bootcamp delivers:

  • First customers to Product Market Fit

  • Buyer personas and value proposition

  • Lead generation foundations

  • Outbound lead generation

  • Sales process

  • Customer success process

  • Sales pitch deck and pitch 101

  • Sales enablement and playbook


I wish I'd done this 12 months ago… I've spent 12 months learning from my mistakes. I'd be much further along had I done this earlier.

Sales and Marketing Bootcamp Attendee
Construction Tech Startup
United States

Image by Yancy Min


Looking to raise capital? This boot camp provides the groundwork, preparation and materials needed to present your company to investors and to build and close a successful investment campaign:

  • Investment 101 

  • Overview of capital raising 

  • Dispelling the myths

  • Valuations and pricing the round

  • Positioning for a capital raise 

  • Building an investor list 

  • Investor outreach campaign

  • Company messaging

  • Pitching to US investors

  • Preparing your 30 second pitch, 1-page investment overview and pitch deck

  • Helping you to run an effective investment campaign


I found the whole experience to be particularly relevant and worthwhile...not just for providing a framework for success in the US, but equally for business as usual in Australia. Great job all and I wish each of you success as your journey continues.

Investment Bootcamp Attendee
Water Management Startup

Water Filter Maintenance


Our results speak for themselves, so if you're a good fit for us, we’d love to invite you to join our Venture Studio to grow, scale and thrive.