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EV Build™ is Exit Velocity's long-term program for supporting startups to develop, launch, scale, and support their platform and products. 

We know how hard it can be to get the right product strategy together, to nail the pricing model, and to hire the right product and engineering skills into your team - and that's before you've even thought about how to market it.

Here's how we can help your build the right product and get it to market:

  • Refine the product roadmap to support the GTM strategy

  • Establish your customer personas and the processes needed to validate product features

  • Develop and test the pricing model

  • Set up the prioritization process to align with the team's delivery cadence

  • Conduct a capabilities analysis of the roles needed to develop a winning product

  • Help find and hire the best product managers, engineers, and marketers.

  • Help establish and maintain high performing teams

  • Develop a winning product marketing strategy including supporting the creation of marketing materials and campaigns

EV Build™ support can be provided from one month to as long as you need us. Exit Velocity’s mission is to be with you for the long haul and ensure your product is a success.


We needed help. We needed to get a new version of our platform out the door and our approach to pricing wasn't resonating with customers. The EV team identified the issues, supported us through to shipping the new platform and fixed our pricing model.

FoodTech Startup

San Francisco, UNITED STATES

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With our personalized approach, we work with you to prioritize and deliver the most important tasks for your business.  Our role is to help and support you to ensure the business is driving towards its goals while managing burn rate, product delivery, customer satisfaction, and investors.