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EV Capital

EV Capital™ is Exit Velocity's support program for raising investment capital and creating significant value in your business.

Raising capital can be a full-time commitment for the founding team often taking 6 months or more to complete. 

This ties up valuable resources and limits a founder’s involvement in the day-to-day running of the company thus having a negative impact on achieving KPIs at a time when investors are scrutinizing your business!

At Exit Velocity, we help develop the strategy and show you how to best execute the capital raise. We audit and refine any existing investment materials and position the business for investment. 

Our experience and personal networks mean we can open the door to thousands of investors who trust that our stamp of approval means your company is investment-ready. 

The EV Capital Program includes:

  • We'll train you on how to run your capital raise campaign including helping prepare your pitch materials which include a 1-pager investment overview, web landing page, and a pitch deck.

  • Introduce you to our list of potential investors 

  • Support you during the pitching process

Via our EV Go and EV Growth Programs, we’ll also review key elements of your business required to attract the right investors, including:


  • GTM, marketing materials, brand, and positioning

  • Product strategy and roadmap

  • 3-year sales forecast, pipeline, and P&L 

  • Cap Table, IP, and team structure


As we scaled our business in the US, we needed access to more capital and resources. The Exit Velocity team revised our go to market strategy, restructured our engineering capabilities and product roadmap, and set us up to successfully raise and scale the business. We are delighted.

Infrastructure Startup



Our results speak for themselves, so if you're a good fit for us, we’d love to invite you to join our Venture Studio to grow, scale and thrive.

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