EV Capital

EV Capital™ is Exit Velocity's long-term support program for raising funds and creating significant value in your business.

Ultimately we're here to help companies deliver on their KPIs to achieve a successful exit.

Working directly with our management team (all of whom have been founders themselves) will provide you the insights and experience you need to not waste time, energy, and capital on learning everything for the first time.


Take advantage of our experience by letting us guide you through the challenges of scaling a business including achieving product-market fit, to a capital raise, and exit.

Scale to Exit:

  • We run and manage your capital raise campaign including helping prepare your pitch materials which include a 1-pager investment overview, web landing page, and a pitch deck.

  • We'll review your GTM, marketing materials, brand, and positioning.

  • We'll review your product strategy and roadmap

  • We’ll help you negotiate the best terms on your capital raise



As we scaled our business in the US, we needed access to more capital and resources. The Exit Velocity team revised our go to market strategy, restructured our engineering capabilities and product roadmap, and set us up to successfully raise and scale the business. We are delighted.

Infrastructure Startup


Exit Velocity has designed these Products and Services to ignite your business and set it on the road to success.


With our personalized approach, we work with you to prioritize and deliver the most important tasks for your business.  Our role is to help and support you to ensure the business is driving towards its goals while managing burn rate, product delivery, customer satisfaction, and investors.