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The Exit Velocity team are experts at filling temporary critical roles within your startup.

We can help your team in the following roles:

  • Chief Operating Officer

  • Chief Product Officer

  • Chief Technology Officer

  • Chief Revenue Officer

  • Chief Marketing Officer


When time and capital is tight during the early stages of your startup, getting access to seasoned experts is critical to your success. Hiring the wrong people into your team will cost thousands and waste valuable months of development time.

Hiring one of Exit Velocity's interim executive team gives you the capabilities and experience you need to make fewer mistakes and get your vision to market faster.

Here are some examples of how we help our portfolio companies:

  • Develop a US sales strategy and help hire and managed a sales team

  • Build out a Go To Market strategy for the US and globally

  • Help develop your product roadmap, solution architecture and hire software engineers

  • Fine-tune your brand, develop a marketing plan and help execute campaigns

  • Provide project and account management for key US-based customers

Resources can be provided from one week to many months - or as long as you need us. Exit Velocity’s mission is to be with you for the long haul and ensure your company’s successful exit.

Many times over the past year, I've thought how great it would be to have an experienced startup COO to bounce ideas off.  Then I met the guys from Exit Velocity and they've provided me exactly the interim executive support I was looking for. Excited for what the next 12 months of working together holds!


San Francisco, UNITED STATES

Exit Velocity has designed the  3thirty3 Program to ignite your startup and set it on the road to success.


With 3thirty3, you set rolling targets for the next 3 hours, 30 days and 3 months to ensure the business is driving towards its goals while managing burn rate and overall operations.

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