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EV Growth

EV Growth™ is our dedicated company development and growth program for startups and scaleups. Our job is to help you scale into a hugely successful company. To achieve this we’ll work with you and your team on the following key areas:


  1. Overall business KPIs and objectives

  2. Sales strategy, process, and execution capabilities

  3. Go to Market strategy and operating model

  4. Product roadmap and pricing strategy

  5. Team structure and capabilities

  6. Marketing and brand strategy including supporting collateral

  7. Internal tools and processes to support growth


The 3 phases of EV Growth™ are powered by our

EV Driver™ meeting where each week we review current priorities and hold team members accountable for delivery.

1. Discovery

During discovery, we’ll review the 7 major areas of your business, identifying what is holding back growth while helping determine the priorities and resources needed to achieve agreed outcomes.

2. Strategy

We will help develop the strategic direction needed to improve your company’s GTM, sales growth, product positioning, marketing/brand, and processes.

3. Execution

Once the strategy is signed off, we’ll use the weekly

EV Driver™ meeting to manage and implement your sales growth strategy from top to bottom.



Pharmacist  in aisle of Pharmacy

I was struggling to get great local advice for scaling my business into the US. The Exit Velocity team became an integral part of my efforts to grow sales and raise capital. 

Cyber Security Startup


Exit Velocity has designed these Products and Services to ignite your business and set it on the road to success.


With our personalized approach, we work with you to prioritize and deliver the most important tasks for your business.  Our role is to help and support you to ensure the business is driving towards its goals while managing burn rate, product delivery, customer satisfaction, and investors.