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The leading Venture Studio for pre-seed, seed and growth stage companies

EV Studio is a highly personalized Venture Studio investing extensive time and resources into a startup’s business. Our team sticks around for the lifetime of your business. We don’t believe in cookie-cutter accelerators or incubators who run multiple cohorts a year and spit you out after just 3 months!

Our studio utilizes over 50 years of combined startup experience to help companies establish strong foundations while traversing the highs and lows of building a successful startup.

Whether you’re at the ideation stage, or have achieved product-market fit and are looking to secure growth investment to scale rapidly, we have the right tailored program for you!

The life of a startup is like a game of Snakes and Ladders where each day you have choices to make in scaling your business. We provide the tools and know-how to help you scale the growth ladders while avoiding the slippery snakes.


Michael O'Reilly


Next World

No matter what stage you're at, we'll tailor a program suited to your needs.

Achieving a maximum return with your available cash and resources, while battling an ever-shortening runway, is critical to your success.


The EV Studio is founded on 4 essential building blocks needed to develop a successful startup.

When you first join the studio we‘ll evaluate what stage you’re at and tailor a program just for your business. This will focus on areas that maximize your time with us while delivering the necessary results for you to be successful.

Time spent in the EV Studio starts from 6 months with a total investment of at least $250,000 of studio time and resources in return for a small equity stake. Studio time can be extended for an additional fee if needed. Ongoing post-studio support is complimentary to help ensure your growth to exit.

EV Build™ is Exit Velocity's program for supporting startups to develop, launch, scale, and support their technology platforms and products. 

EV Go (to Market) provides the solid foundations for growth. This program is geared towards understanding how to enter a market, achieve product-market fit, and close your first 5-10 founder-led sales.

EV Growth™ is Exit Velocity’s program for developing your sales and marketing strategy and equipping you with the tactical tools to grow your revenue.

EV Capital™ is Exit Velocity's program for raising investment capital and creating significant value in your business.

I found the whole experience to be particularly relevant and worthwhile...not just for providing a framework for success in the US, but equally for business as usual in Australia. Great job all and I wish each of you success as your journey continues.

Water Management Startup

Water Filter Maintenance
Where do I start?
Regardless of your current stage, we will tailor a program for you.


We've got a great idea but don't know where to start...

You're right at the beginning of your journey and need support to develop your idea into a real business. 

During ideation we'll spend the majority of studio time developing the idea into solid business proposition, defining customer personas and specifying an MVP.


We're pre-seed and looking to develop an MVP...

You're a pre-seed company looking to develop an MVP, establish an initial PMF and commence the capital-raising process.

The Pre-Seed stage is all about completing your MVP, defining your initial Go To Market Strategy and getting you ready for your first capital raise. 



We've achieved initial traction and PMF and now need to scale...

You're a seed-stage company with an existing MVP and some traction. You need to scale your product,  improve your GTM , generate more sales and launch a capital raise campaign.

At Seed stage, your time in the Studio will focus on nailing your GTM, scaling your sales capabilities and raising a major round. 

Series A/B

We've got strong PMF and now need to raise capital to drive growth...

You're a series A or B company with strong PMF. You're looking to scale, establish new markets and raise growth capital.

As a Series A or B company, your time in the Studio will focus on specific areas needing improvement such as sales, market development and new products.


Seb Jenks
Global Head of Sales


Our results speak for themselves, so if you're interested in how we can help you and your business please connect!

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Mark Janes

Managing Partner

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Stuart Waite

Managing Partner

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