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To design and manage the development and implementation of digital products and services on behalf of Exit Velocity's portfolio companies.


This includes leadership and strategic direction to products, and product engineering teams ensuring life cycle management, and alignment with the company’s business strategies and goals.

  • Contribute to roadmap prioritization, release planning 

  • Leading sprint planning prioritization

  • Ensure a continual focus on innovation by monitoring and identifying digital trends and proposing product development to capitalize on opportunities and defend against threats

  • Develop standards and frameworks to guide the consistent design and deployment of products across all Exit Velocity portfolio companies.

  • Developing review processes to ensure that products have been developed and launched to a best practice standard and reflect agreed brand positioning 

  • Create a capacity for identifying and responding to digital product trends, for innovating and cost effectively prototyping and bringing new products to market

  • Implement a suite of metrics to assess the effectiveness of the products and delivery capabilities of our startup teams.

  • Remain up to date with best practice from environmental and competitive analysis and ensure key learning / developments are shared with our team and portfolio companies

  • Wear the “scrum master” hat in the delivery context and ensure Agile ceremonies are adhered to and constantly improved upon



Exit Velocity has designed the  3thirty3 Method to ignite your startup and set it on the road to success.


With 3thirty3, you set rolling targets for the next 3 hours, 30 days and 3 months to ensure the business is driving towards its goals while managing burn rate and overall operations.

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