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AI-powered Global Virtual Advisory Network is Exit Velocity's latest portfolio company

Helperstreet, a fast scaling startup from Sydney, Australia, is the latest company to join Exit Velocity's 3thirty3 program.

The Virtual Global Advisory Network is growing quickly and has engaged Exit Velocity to advise the founding team on the best way to scale, with a specific focus on building the business in the US.

Helperstreet is an online ecosystem of virtual advisory services, education and information, designed by experts and curated to ensure the content is practical, simple and proven to help businesses large or small.

Their mission is to provide customers access to the world's best experts to deliver high impact solutions for a fixed price. They're taking on the leading management consultancies in a new virtual world.

The first step to onboarding Helperstreet was to establish the weekly EV Driver™ meeting. This meeting helps the founders focus on their core priorities while planning for the unknown of expanding into the US.

We're very excited to have Helperstreet team on our program and together we believe we can help them achieve great things in the future.


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