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Measuring Value Not Vanity: Using actionable insights to deliver product-market

At the beginning of their startup journey, many founders choose the wrong thing to measure and miss the opportunity to achieve product-market fit. Founders also have a tendency to focus too much on the product without first understanding the market they're selling into. Learn why it has to be market fit before product fit.

Join Stuart Waite and Mark Janes, Managing Partners at Exit Velocity, for a discussion about the importance of measuring value and not vanity. Learn why you must have an intimate knowledge of your TAM and why your business must be an empathetic, positive disruptor in the ecosystem in which you operate. After all, you can make a great product, but you won't have a great business until you can sell it. Hear how Exit Velocity's 3thirty3 method helps startups and scale-ups leverage product-market fit, positioning them for investment and strengthening their operational capability to scale. Stuart is a successful entrepreneur, corporate executive, investor and product technology specialist. Three times he's built and managed teams in excess of 200 staff. He's sold previous companies to Nokia/Alcatel-Lucent and Grey Advertising. He has founded businesses in Australia, the UK and the US and also works with, and invests in, a number of startups and small businesses, helping develop their products, go-to-market strategies, build their development teams and raise finance. He's particularly interested in helping great Aussie founders transition their business to the US, helping them raise capital and launch their products.

Mark is a company builder, CEO/COO, and a highly successful entrepreneur. Throughout his career, Mark has had a unique ability to identify and disrupt markets having built and sold three previous companies to Nokia/Alcatel-Lucent, Hayward International and EMI/Chrysalis Music. In 2014, Mark co-founded ConnectedYard (an industry-leading smart water sensing company). As COO, Mark oversaw the product design, company operations, branding, marketing, sales/business development, strategic partnerships and the manufacturing of tens of thousands of smart sensors through its factories in China. Raising over $13m in funding and valued at 20 x the initial investment, Mark led the sale of the company to Hayward International in April 2018.

Thursday, May 28, 2020 9:00am Australia Eastern Standard Time (Sydney) Wednesday, May 27, 2020 4:00pm US Pacific Daylight Time (San Francisco)


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