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Founder & CEO

Robert Lee

About Rob

Rob is a modern-day pioneer exploring and mapping out dangerous underground places.

His vision is to build the worlds leading subterranean mapping company and one day be the leader in interplanetary subterranean exploration.

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SubterraAI is SaaS software platform that is automating the inspection and management of underground infrastructure.

The company provides cost-effective tools to allow clients to inspect MORE for LESS.

SubterraAI manages, transforms, and analyzes the data via the Terralytics™ platform's AI and machine learning resulting in data-driven insights previous


Company Stage

SubterraAI is currently raising a seed round of US$1.5m to support a growing customer base that is adopting their SaaS and Hardware Platforms.


Platform and Products

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Saas Platform


is a SaaS platform that creates a digital twin to enable

service and inspection professionals to seamlessly update clients on the

condition of underground infrastructure.




Matt Coatney

Technical Architect

Matt is a seasoned C-level product and technology executive, entrepreneur, advisor, author, and speaker with 25 years of experience helping business and technology work better together.


Gaston Pisacco

Lead Engineer

Gaston is an experienced full-stack developer with a particular interest in AI machine learning and computer vision.


Angus Mitchell

Computer Vision

Angus is a specialist in computer vision and 3D modelling with a focus on field robotics.



2020 Innovation and Technology Awards winner: Subterra AI

Subterra AI helps clients inspect, report on and manage their underground infrastructure.


Here are the winners of Business Courier's 2020 Innovation & Technology Awards

The Cincinnati Business Courier announced the winners today for its 10th annual Innovation & Technology Awards.


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