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Wrapt Lead Engineer and Technical Co-Founder

Fully Remote - North America

Job Type

Contract - Part Time or Full Time

About the Role

This is the key engineering (and potentially technical co-founder) role within the Wrapt team. The focus of the role will be developing and maintaining Wrapt's MVP and initial launch platform as well as providing technical leadership and knowledge sharing amongst a growing team and business.

In this role, you will lead the engineering practice. Reporting to the founders and working closely with our entire team, you’ll define and evolve our technical architecture and implement new software patterns, and share best practices as we scale the team over the next year. You’ll help guide our culture, processes, and practices as we grow and develop our platform.


Key Tasks

  • Architect, develop, implement and deliver the initial Wrapt MVP.

  • Take existing Figma UX/UI designs and develop a full stack solution capable of supporting early customers.

  • Develop the Wrapt API with supporting technologies including integration with tools and APIs provided by the C2PA and the Content Authenticity Initiative. (more detail below)

  • Work closely with the founders to quickly develop and iterate on a new innovative product for a very large global market

  • Mentor others in development technologies, tools, and processes

  • Develop test strategies, design automation frameworks, write unit/functional tests to drive up code coverage and automation metrics

What we are looking for

  • An experienced software engineers to become a key member of the initial team

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Sciences or equivalent field plus 7+ years of relevant experience

  • Solid knowledge of web technologies, such as JavaScript, CSS, JSON, HTML5 or TypeScript

  • Experience using ReactJS, GraphQL, Node.js for Front End development

  • Understanding of object oriented programming language (Java, Javascript, C++, C#, Ruby, Python)

  • 7+ years experience as a Senior/Lead Front End Engineer

  • Prior team management experience

  • Experience using JavaScript frameworks such as React, Angular and Vue.js to build components that integrate with RESTful APIs

  • Experience designing and building responsive web pages

  • Experience using JavaScript testing tools or frameworks like React Testing Library, Jest, Mocha or Jasmine

  • Experience building reusable JavaScript components and High Order Components

  • Experience working with container technologies like Docker

  • Experience developing microservices using languages like Go, Java, NodeJS and using REST APIs

  • Using Git or Github in a CI/CD development workflow

  • Use of issue tracking and work management tools such as Jira

  • Background in writing effective technical documentation and thought leadership artifacts (e.g. best practices, blogs, client documentation)

  • Ability to provide expertise with humility—communicating complex ideas with investors, customers and technical staff

  • UX experience is a plus - especially working with Figma

  • Excellent communication skills

Key Behaviors

  • Put customers at the center of everything we do

  • Behave as one company

  • Be accountable for your own mandate and that of your teams

  • Be data-driven, focussed on defined outcomes

  • Have a bias for action, pursue performance excellence

  • Build capabilities, develop with your team

  • Commercial focus – make decisions based on commercial outcomes

  • Integrity and honesty – do what we say when we say we will

  • Value creative energy

  • Manages change within the business/function

  • Encourages open communication within the business

  • Analyses the degree of customer and/or client penetration

  • Analyses the degree of customer/client satisfaction

  • Keeps abreast of competitor products and services



Wrapt is a content provenance platform for creators.


This is the industry organization we're a member of whose initiative will form a key component of Wrapt. There's an introduction video on this page which helps with context.

Content Authenticity Initiative

This is the industry organization we're a member of whose initiative will form a key component of Wrapt.

About the Company

Wrapt™ ( ) is an exciting new business based in the heart of silicon valley, US. The founding team has spent the past year developing the business mode, go to market strategy and UX/UI for a platform that is now ready for our first key hire to develop.

Wrapt™ is a content provenance platform made for its creator community where members can prove ownership while protecting, monetizing and safely distributing their creative assets anywhere online.

For too long now Creators have struggled to determine proof of ownership in their original works.

The Wrapt™ Platform audits every use of the asset using C2PA open standards to help Creators prove they created and own the work.

Once a Creator's asset is uploaded and distributed online, the ability to protect that asset from theft and misrepresentation is lost.

The Wrapt™ Platform protects a Creator's original asset for the lifetime of that asset, regardless of how it shared, published or distributed online.

The Wrapt™ Platform helps Creator Members monetize their hard work wherever their assets are used. Creators decide who can use their assets and how they will be paid.

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