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Aussie Startup Founders use sales Bootcamp to help win in the US

Exit Velocity, in partnership with Austrade's San Francisco Landing Pad, has kicked off a hugely practical Sales and Marketing Bootcamp for Aussie tech-enabled startups looking to expand their business into the United States. The special program, curated for Australian tech-enabled scale-ups, runs over 3 weeks and ends with a (virtual) demo day where the businesses will present their Go To Market strategy to succeed in the US.

Eighteen startups from around Australia have been selected to attend these very intensive and practical workshops which focus on landing their first 5-10 customers in the US. The Startups and Scaleups come from a range of sectors including Agtech, Education, Cyber Security, Hospitality, and Fintech.

The Exit Velocity team works alongside experts from the Australian Government's Austrade department to accelerate the startups into the US, giving them the insights, experiences, and practical tools needed to succeed.

Once the Bootcamp is completed, the startups will have the opportunity to continue working alongside the Exit Velocity team, who are very keen to support the most exceptional Aussie Startup Founders as they scale up their businesses in the US.

Startups are taken through a series of tailored content sessions, including what are the key differences between selling the US versus selling in Australia.

One challenge Aussie Startup Founders face is understanding the US audience. It's much more complicated than expected and during the Bootcamp, the Exit Velocity team goes into a lot of detail around what your target audience will be.

The Exit Velocity and Austrade team with a group of amazing Aussie Founders, eager to expand their businesses into the US.

If you're a Startup Founder and want help with your Go To Market Strategy for the US, or you need to build and scale your sales capabilities, then get in touch - we're here to help!

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