Helping Australian Startups Raise Funds in the US

Exit Velocity, in partnership with Austrade's San Francisco Landing Pad, recently hosted the first US Fundraising virtual Bootcamp for 18 Australian Startups and Scaleups. The multi-day event was targeted specifically at Australian startups wanting to raise in the US in 2021.

The Exit Velocity Team will be running more of these Bootcamps in the coming months. If you'd like to apply, or find out how we can run a Bootcamp for your organization, please contact us.

If you're a startup looking to raise funds in the US - please get in touch. We'd be happy to meet with you to see if you're ready and how we can help.

"I love the way bootstrapping your busines is called running a "lifestyle" business (not!). Is this a lifestyle anyone would actually choose?!!"

US Fundraising Bootcamp for Aussie Startups

Day 1:

Company Introductions and Pitches

Each startup was asked to pitch their business to the group. This gave them a chance to introduce themselves and for the Austrade and Exit Velocity teams to assess their current positioning so they could compare it to their demo day pitch.

Investment Stages and Types

In this part of the Bootcamp, we focused on understanding the following investment stages including detailed information on priced versus unpriced rounds:

  • Angel Investment/Family Offices

  • Seed

  • Super Angels

  • VCs

  • Growth Stage

  • Venture Debt

  • Revenue Based Financing

The first 20 mins on day 1 gave us insight to pivot from our USA expectations.

Dispelling the Myths

Every Australian Startup (actually it's any country) has certain pre-conceived ideas about what the US market will mean to them. But every startup knows the US is a massive market, and it's the home of startup culture. So understandably they want to be here. This session covered:

  • Understanding the US market

  • Are you really ready to raise and do you know the commitment required?

  • What's the landscape for investment in my sector?

  • Success rates and funnel math

  • Getting 1,500 investor leads

  • Planning an investment campaign over 4-6 months

"Would Super Angels be a good 'pathway' to fundraising in the US? In terms of getting started and then hopefully tapping into their networks etc for the bigger/more formal fund raising round?"

Where are you on the investment ladder?

Day 2:

Positioning for a Capital Raising

So how do you position your startup for raising funds in the US? For many startups there's a lot of work to do. Here are a few of the topics we took our Bootcamp attendees through: