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Why Join Our Venture Studio

Each year at Exit Velocity we hand-pick a number of exceptional founders to join our venture studio where we invest our time and resources to help their businesses fast-scale to success.

Is EV Studio the right fit for your startup or scaleup?

Founded by Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs

So why join the EV Studio, and what are the benefits our partnership will bring?

Exit Velocity is a highly personalized venture studio founded in 2020 by successful serial entrepreneurs. We bring more than 50 years combined experience as startup founders, angel investors and corporate executives, and we've successfully exited multiple international companies across a broad range of sectors.

We understand first-hand the roller-coaster ride that is building a new business. Our team has made mistakes and learned lessons the hard way so you don’t have to. With decades of experience identifying pitfalls and gaining deep knowledge of the business, we know what it takes to ensure our companies succeed.

We’ve also partnered with major VCs and investment funds to become the leading Venture Studio for pre-seed, seed, and growth-stage companies, bringing not only experience but relationships to our EV Studio Founders.

Personalized, Flexible Support You Can Count On

The EV Studio is a tailored, high touch Venture Studio investing extensive time and resources into you and your business.

We take a hands-on approach with all our companies. Our proven programs support all aspects of growing and scaling a startup from developing a winning go-to-market strategy to achieving product-market-fit, and raising capital.

We are not consultants, we are not advisors, we are a unique Venture Studio with access to thousands of investors that add fuel to your engine when you need it.

The EV Studio programs also support sales and marketing needed for growth, product development (hardware and software), partnerships, talent acquisition, team building, and company exits.

Businesses are invited to join our Venture Studio once they’ve been through an evaluation process to identify key strengths, opportunities, threats and weaknesses. A tailored program is then developed to support the businesses where they need it most.

Typical studio membership lasts 6 months but you may choose to stay with us for 12 months or more. How ever long you stay with us, we’ll maximize our time together to ensure you get the support you need. We even provide ongoing mentorship throughout the life of your business (we don’t plug you into a cookie-cutter cohort and spit you out 3 months later!).

Resources When You Need Them Most

It’s a tall order keeping your business on track while trying to establish a strong product-market fit to knock it out of the park on sales. Having the extra resources, hands, and heads at your disposal can make the difference between success and failure.

We typically invest $250,000 of studio time and resources into each EV Studio company for a 5% equity stake. Only a limited number of companies are asked to join EV Studio each year, ensuring our ability to dedicate the time and resources needed to help each business succeed.

Our results speak for themselves and if you think you’re a good fit for us, we would love to invite you to join EV Studio. Apply Now

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