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Aussie Startups Accelerate Exports to the US

Exit Velocity kicked off the latest Austrade San Francisco Landing Pad Bootcamp this week with 21 fantastic Aussie companies diving deep into their Go To Market strategy for the US. The virtual format we use for these Bootcamps is proving a huge success allowing us to support many more startups than we would if there were physically present in San Francisco.

This latest cohort covers a wide range of capabilities and industry sectors including those that have already raised millions to those that have bootstrapped their way to considering US expansion.

Over 4 detailed sessions, the startups will explore a wide range of topics and requirements to successfully launch their business in the US. The Exit Velocity GTM Bootcamp format provides a high-level preview of what it takes to develop a successful go to market strategy for the US. This includes:

  • US Market overview and validation

  • Risk Assessment

  • Timing for entering the US market


  • Competitor Analysis

  • Channels to Market

  • Customers and Partners

  • High Level Marketing Plan

  • Testing for Product market Fit

  • Pricing for the US Market

  • Team Building and Structure

  • Customer Support and,

  • Brand Protection

21 Aussie Startups ready to expand their products and services to the US market
21 Aussie Startups ready to expand their products and services to the US market

Some early feedback from participants...

Great start, looking forward to going deeper on some of these areas!
Thanks for an insightful and informative session.
It's been great! Really key takeouts already.
Awesome content and perfect timing for us - thank you.
Super valuable - there's a lot to do!

Exit Velocity has developed 3 tried and tested Bootcamps to provide a fast-paced introduction to the EV Studio's essential building-block programs.

Bootcamps run over 2 to 3 weeks and are ideal for up to 15 startups at a time who need to quickly develop a fundamental understanding of how to overcome core challenges within their business.

Over 75 companies have already benefited from attending the Bootcamps with many going on to join the EV Studio to receive a more personalized program of long-term support.

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