EV Driver

EV Driver™ is a 1-2 hour weekly scrum of scrums meeting run by Exit Velocity's highly-skilled and experienced team​.

The EV Driver™ meetings bring together key stakeholders to spend time on each of the top priority areas of your business.

Meetings are direct and to the point. They identify any blockers in achieving success and help inform everyone of the company’s short term goals and each individual's responsibilities.

The EV Driver™ meeting gives you and your team weekly access to seasoned startup and growth specialists experienced in the potential pitfalls you may encounter and provide guidance on how to ensure you don't make the same mistakes they have!

The EV Driver™ is competitively priced so we can get to work right away. Starting from just $5,000 per month!

Grow and Scale your startup with a weekly EV Driver™ meeting:


  • Align teams to the company mission and brand

  • Get the founders and company ready for investment or exit

  • Hold the team accountable to key goals and priorities

  • Work directly with the team to deliver results and achieve your collective KPIs

  • Identify challenges and develop solutions so you keep one step ahead



As a startup founder there are so many things to think about and get done every day. It's hard to know what to prioritize. Exit Velocity’s weekly EV Driver meetings help us focus on what's important to create success. Plus their advice as previous founders means we can scale faster by not repeating the mistakes of others.

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