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EV Evaluate


We offer EV Evaluate™ as a FREE 1-2 hour diagnosis workshop to assess the health of your company and surface any issues that could be holding your business back. It's Step 1 in Exit Velocity's proven process for helping businesses grow, scale, and thrive.

This confidential meeting begins with a review of your existing pitch deck or business plan followed by a Q&A session to identify major challenges within the business. During the remaining time, we identify and build out a high-level plan to support your business goals and define the next steps.

Our highly effective and considered assessment will:

  • Give you free access to highly experienced company founders

  • Get to the core of your business challenges quickly

  • Evaluate your company’s performance and operational scalability

  • Develop an effective implementation plan tailored specifically to your needs

  • Tap into Exit Velocity’s 3 stage growth plan which features:

  1. EV Driver™ - driving success through weekly scrum meetings

  2. EV Growth™ - drive sales and growth

  3. EV Capital™ - preparing your business for a capital raise or exit

I wasn't getting the traction I needed to get to the next level, so I invited Exit Velocity to evaluate my business. In just 2 hours we'd worked out what the real value proposition was, where I needed to focus short-term and how to execute on a revised plan. Result!

PropTech Startup


Exit Velocity has designed these Products and Services to ignite your business and set it on the road to success.


With our personalized approach, we work with you to prioritize and deliver the most important tasks for your business.  Our role is to help and support you to ensure the business is driving towards its goals while managing burn rate, product delivery, customer satisfaction, and investors.